Coal and Smokeless Fuels

A large selection of efficient products for heating and cooking. It provides a peaceful traditional atmosphere yet provides impressive heat for all your needs.

Products are immediately available in a pre-pack bags where members of the public can easily drive in, pay, pick up and put in the back of your car on a cash and carry basis.

What is House Coal?

House coal is a natural product and is many people's favourite choice as it is high in heat and provides elegant flames, making is the central piece of the family home. House coal is not a smokeless fuel and therefore can't be used in smoke control areas.

What are smokeless fuels?

Smokeless fuels can be found naturally (such as Anthracite small nuts) or manufactured.

Anthracite can content 98% carbon contents which means it contains less volatile material and therefore, does not produce thick smoke when burned. Manufactured smokeless fuels are often anthracite based, with the natural product grounded down into a power then reformed into briquettes using starch or molasses as the binding agent. Manufactured smokeless fuels can be used for multiple purchases and applications such as multi-fuel stoves, room heaters and open fires and produce less than 5g of smoke per hour of burning.

Manufactured smokeless fuels arrived after the 1956 Clean Air Act to reduce the smog in London and improve the air quality. Manufactured smokeless fuels are much more energy efficient compared to traditional house coal as they are compress more making them last around 40% longer. Their high carbon content, means that after burning, there is less ash remaining, so less time emptying the grate.

To find out more about smoke control areas, please visit DEFRA website. There is currently no smoke control area within the Mendips, Somerset.

See our interesting coal facts.

House Coal


Creates long strong flames and is low in ash. Suitable for open fires and multi-purpose stoves. (20kg)

Large Coal


A long lasting fuel with low ash content. Use for open fires and often referred to as stream coal. (25kg)



Produces high heat, clean burning, easy to light and low ash. For room heaters, boilers & multi-fuel stoves.(20kg)



Generates a lot of heat and easy to control. Suitable for multi-fuel stoves and open fires. (20kg)



High heat output, clean burning, low in ash and easy to light and control. Use for room heaters & multi-fuel stoves. (25kg)

Anthracite Grains


A clean fuel with low flames and low is ash. Use for gravity fed and hopper fed boilers. (25kg)

Anthracite Large Nuts


A natural smokeless fuel with low flame and ash. Use for room heaters, agas, rayburns & multi-fuel stoves. (25kg)

Anthracite Small Nuts


High heat, low flame fuel. Use for boilers, room heaters, agas, rayburns & multi-fuel stoves. (25kg)



Slow burning with high heat output with little waste. Use for multi-fuel stoves and open fires.(25kg)


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